Work Permit Renewal Application WP.5 for Teaching in Thailand



Please arrange documents in the following order:

1. Application Form (W.P.5)

2. A copy of Work Permit and the original


4. Passport and one copy of all pages or Certificate of Permanent Residence and Certificate of Alien with a copy.

5, Medical certificate showing that the applicant is not insane or mentally sick, suffer from Leprosy, Tuberculosis, Drug Addiction, Alcoholism, Elephantitus and Tertiary Syphilis ( Issued within the Last six months).

6. Documents as stated in the conditions of work in the Work Permit. (lf any)

7. Power of Attorney with 10 Baht duty stamp affixed and a copy of appointee’s l.D. card (if the applicant is unable to apply in person).

A. A copy of employer’s l.D. card (Thai employer) or a copy of employer’s Work Permit (foreigner employer).

* Supported Documents as category of employer

1. Company

1. 1 A copy of Thai Company Registration and a copy of recent shareholders’ list (Updated within six months) Or foreign juristic person needs to submit a copy of Business Operation

License of such foreigner and document about money import

1.2 A copy of Balance Sheet( last year] VAT Payment Phor Por 30 (3 months) and a copy of Work Permit holder’s Tax payment Phor Ngor Dor 91 or 90 ( last year)

2. Private school teacher/ Private University

2.1 A copy of letter of teacher’s or instructor’s assignment and employment contract/

Private University has to show the certificate letter from the organization of the ministry of Education

2.2 A copy of teacher license ( as Law of The Council of Teacher and Educational Personal) except f or trainer.

2.3 A copy of the license of the school establishment manager license, headmaster license/ a copy of the license of the university establishment and a copy of the documents show the name of the employer has the right for signing on behalf of the university

3. Government organization / Teacher of government school

3.1 A certificate letter from the government organization Ministry of Education and school, which shows applicants’ name, position and work period.

3.2 In case of teacher of government school, a copy of teacher license (as Law of The Council of Teacher and Education Personal) is needed. The trainer is not included.

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